5-20 Priority Street, Wacol


Wacol Investment

31 March, 2021

Dean Palmer, CEO of Skybound Fidelis Investment said he was pleased with the strong outcome for investors resulting from the recent sale of an industrial property located at Priority Street in Wacol.  A strong sales campaign resulted in a sale of the property of $6.1 million.

The sale resulted in a capital gain for investors of over 20%.  This strong capital gain was in addition to the 10% per annum income returns paid to investors over the life of the investment.  This represents a total combined return of around 15% per annum.

The Wacol property was acquired by Skybound Fidelis Investment in October 2015 for $4.925 million with an 8-year lease to the Resitech Group.

The investment has performed strongly and shows the positive investment returns that can be achieved from high quality and well managed commercial property.

  • Priority Street, Wacol property sold for $6.1 million
  • Greater than 20% capital profit return for investors
  • Investors received 10% p.a. income distributions every quarter during the 5.5 year life of the investment
  • Property Details: 5, 19 and 20 Priority Street, Wacol, Brisbane
  • This property was acquired in our ‘Fidelis Priority Place Property Fund’ (FPPPF) on 30 October 2015 for $4.925m
  • Not impacted by Covid-19

Important Note – Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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